Monday, June 3, 2013

Frayed Justice (A poem for Kainat Soomro)

In this ebbing world
how much courage
you'll need
to survive?
Our question
to the unknown
If by chance
you noticed her glance
will you digest the stress...
the despondency...
upon her cheeks they tarry...
perhaps, dust that filth in your eyes
that you might see
her scalded marrow...
the lasting torment of that instance...
her innocence stripped with mud
an unending asylum
where light is trapped
within tearing seconds...
her lifelong demons
eat her nerves
piece by piece
within that mental arena
without escape
they gang-raped
And after bleeding her wound
she was called
for the world to understand
"Black Virgin"
they labeled
Yes, they pushed her under,
from the delicate mortal
that she is...
for what account...
for what misdeed...
a sister?
a family?
a friend?
a suffering victim
fraying for justice,
praying for inner peace
What life is there to live
for such a shattered soul...
another call out to the unknown.

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