Friday, July 12, 2013

R.I.P. Charlie

once you lived in paradise 
with us, and we explored 
the rugged life together 
where sunbeams were blurred

Underneath the murky sky
our love laced the rough course
sometimes the turns were on our side 
sometimes not...but no remorse

We stayed strong for one another 
brushing our hearts with sublime pleasure 
not allowing our travails to let us bleed
until the sunshine blessed our demeanor 

You especially...kept us happy
when Maggie decided to vanish
our only king left was you
and rest in peace

A single tear of sorrow 
fell down my cheek
looking at your favorite sofa
without you sitting meek

Rest in peace dear Charlie 
you had taught us the world is wide
and we can only understand love and pain
if we will let you go now to the other side. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Love

glowing in grand desire
under the roof of the night 
the bliss reaching my heart
 I sit...

oh how your smile took over 
your lips so luscious, sensual and revealing
joy growing rapidly upon my enthralled soul
as each drop of joy appears
from the curve of your lips
to become one with my sparkling eyes

embracing delightful destiny
the longing wild and precious
with tense breath
I sing...

Oh how my nerves shiver
pleased with the strike of your gaze
within my marrow it thrust intently
familiarizing my unique substance
those eyes soulful and tender
enlivening that comatose piece of me

analyzing our designed paths
we fit together 
on time destined for us
I give in...

upon this dearest moment 
my heart placed in stunning wonder
my long black hair sways in glee 
cheeks blush in surprising rapture
binding in the inevitable promises
with rhapsody gliding on the borders

finding for an answer 
the love exuding through mental analysis
with face florid and blessed
I trust...

Oh how our gazes entangled
when you softly turn and meet my eyes again
sealing eternity underneath strong desires
 entrancing, flourishing, stunning, promising
eyes glowing in full contentment
until you whisper my name in pure reverence

glistening in fluttering heart
under the roof of the night 
the joy reaching my soul
I love...

Monday, July 1, 2013

Dear Husband

As the sunrise delivers tender glow
you awaken the innocence in me
to offer your smile
no need to say a word
i fully understand the language of your heart

As the day strengthen, taking in whirlwinds
i fall down...i failed...shoved
by the delicious veiled coy of a wink
my extorted thoughts boil
you speak, and all things became clear

As the early warmth begins
i allowed the substance of your words
to test my satin limbs
i dare again to savor the sting of downfall
for as long as in this instance, you're there

As midnight get comfort from the moon
so as I from You
nightime gives off her cotton sheets
so comforting like every lavish inch of your love
a treasure of some sort I cannot name

As i release soft breathing
it goes with my secret prayers
i thank heaven for the gift of you
you are my husband, my best friend...
you nurture me, guide me, and love me selflessly.

Midsummer Bleed

You've cut the barb wire
from the misery
time had stowed upon me
in one soft touch of your voice
with tender love
has gone deeply...

the glamour of your stares
feeling of boundless felicity
sparkled constantly in my soft brows
beyond my wildest dreams...
my heart had shone in glorious bliss

in every precious smile I got
your lucid and angelic...yearnings
mirrored the image of your delighted heart
those sublime and cherished moments...

I know it is foolish to recall
each delicate puzzle
without opening the wounds again inside me
you, with your true love
dwelling in every piece of me
every seconds, I miss you

My heart recites, its pool of blues
covert to the carnal world
which drained its psychedelic beauty
since I failed in the clouds of defeat
over the wicked reality and lost you...

I wonder when will I stop to wander
when or where to settle my weary soul
you see, I'm scared to expect or  go on
my heart has had enough

Can you taste the harsh emptiness now?
This sweet delusion and divine sorrow
the impeccable road of misfortune
this path is hard to travel
without your care and reverence
without you...if not you...

I'm lost in the hands of despondency
and I hope in appropriate time
I will get to apprehend
the loving tone of your voice
and feel your undeniably sweet love again.

My Beautiful Torment

At the end of the day
remembrance of us
play in my mind
I need some strength
oh beautiful torment
allow me to be void
and frozen and perhaps
I'll stop crying tonight

In the eyes of my angel
million miles away from me
my love flows unending
in silent daydream
my sweet delirium grows
in tune to endless misery

I've spent years in the ruins
of my reserved hollowness
where the only light
is my unspoken love for him
then with the grace of time
I get to tell him how i feel

In the eyes of my angel
million miles away from here
my heart never stops beating
in hidden devotion
my precious demise grows
in total darkness

And here in the hidden havoc
i collect the wreckage of me
constructing comfort in morbid night
by chance with the grace of time
I'll get to see his eyes once more
and the smiles that I treasure
then perhaps i will live again.

Hope~~~~ in Banal Vacuity

In this starless night
i listen to desertion
a medley of solitude
dropkick harmonies
an unexpected nightmares

as pitch darkness reigns
and totally envelopes the room
i hear diverse views
of every pieces of me.....
futile poisons

I know what you wish
me in the hands of vultures
and you in splendid silence
so sorely distant......
your abstract choice

another unison with loneliness
such banal vacuity
i am a sideswiped carcass again
expelled from the ideal world
in funereal fortune

I need some fine discharge
a tear or more perhaps
an elegant fall off
of a thorn-less rose
in callous solemnness

somewhere deep within me
a small falsetto emerged
a hopeful voice not powerful
but enough to enchant in silken honesty
a reason to keep on.

Sincerely Inlove

Engulf me in your eyes of fire
for I'll tame your lust forever
being placed on a pedestal
love alone, fathoms it's limits

Touch me with your seductive voice
make me to never discount this choice
within this beatific connection
I give in, to your sweet paradise

Kiss me, with your natural modesty
for what amount would tally
upon such explicit devotion
a kind of wonder I cannot tell

Read me, with your most caring essence
behold the substance of each sentence
genuine passion forming paragraphs
yielding scrolls of our endless romance

Love me, let me live within your breathing
so I'll get to know your every little thing
to softly cradle your tender tides
not with gold in my pocket but with a loving heart

There is no avoiding the anticipated
There is no demand of withdrawal
There is no repressing destiny
I am love.