Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ode to my other half

humming rhapsody...

glowing hearts

Essence set forth
granted smile

-a floral sail-

Interlocking moisten lips
braided vim and vigor
to the soft strain
of waltz refrain.

Mellow words divulged
are fondle to my heart,
awakening euphoria
nerves to nerves
to bones..

fair weather cottonballs
became perennial halo

You are...

the polished place at my eyebrows end,
sublime sanctuary,
equisite symmetry,


an amazement made out of flawless nature
each awe connected to a preserved memoir...

an ad infinitum

Monday, July 2, 2012

In the new Sloansville…

Outside the window
Your voice talks to me
Like serenading angel

My heart throbs
And blood flows
For the love of you

Blind of my love
That speech
Boundless art
As ballads of my heart
And sonnet of my soul
At that instance

You raise your right hand
And the moisture rapidly forms
On the beer can
While you tell me
Of how you bask
In the effervescence
Of my presence
In every minute of your life
And so I am to you

I watch your allure
And how the grandeur
Strings of time spellbind me

Seems like only yesterday
We were dreaming of this
Now at this hour
Now it is ours
Now here we are
For real

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Speak Love

Speak love, do speak to me
Let this night be different
Speak words like melodies
Thy heart strings only play

Speak love, do fill this room
Which my sense could hap'ly steer
The remedies to every woe
This soul of mine could bare

Speak love, do play a song
Let's end this night with glee
Leave not this will of mine
For you are all to me.

My Blue Star

A single smile paints the lonesome night
Just looking up at you,
My bright blue star...

A knight to remember 
In a moment worth cherishing...

Bluish is the colour of thy stare
That pairs the alignment of thy kiss
A gentle touch of devotedness
Regaling the heart of thy flowering dear.

Your stream of beaconing glare
Repairs the blight of my simple world
Shine upon me with that smile so sweet

But oh the moss melted in lush
And birds chirped in the greenish blue

For such a love i get from you.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An Innocent Murderer

She has this look of innocence
lively and sweet equaling those teens
wearing the uniform of old universities

but before giving up completely
to the charm of this chick
the darkness in her souls shrieks
and peeps through her eyes
and to my surprise
i felt like my heart is being pulled from my chest
just as my brain penetrates the rotten memories
of her in the hollow darkness of her polluted mind,

disturbances of a morbid kind...

Visions of her lying on the pallid bed

that was soon covered with blood
cast by the distinctive lamp

nigh the large tooth grasping clamp
that brutally pulled the little one
from his legs, to his hands, and to his organs
(I think I'm slipping out of reality)

when his head was pressed thoroughly
to forcibly remove and shove
from all her rights to throb
and play with the devil and
to win back his "supposed" mother...

A mother engulfed with catastrophe

unwanting him and the memory
of the day she was molested,
abused, harassed and raped
by her own father...

A teenager, supposedly a mother
murdered her son.....
A murderer.

Light of Day

After the light of day
was swallowed by the darkness
and the little cheerubs,
our endeared babies received hugs,
kisses and were laid gently
on their equisite rooms...

Somewhere in India
there are vulnerable teenagers
screaming their hearts silently,
shedding their tears of fugitive cruelty...

one man after the other
ruined their innocence...

They are the abused teenagers
hidden within the beaming radius
of the NH-8 Mahipalpur
in the cimmerean shade of India

Yes, their will were cripled
such an unattered bleed...


The trick of the stinging fate
rivet them to the bitter whirlpool of hell,


and after the light of day cast
playing hide and seek on the frame
along NH-8 Mahipalpur
in the cimmerian shade of India still...

Only the aching  sighs from the sore faces left
To kill.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our Anniversary Gifts

I gaze upon your face tonight
my sweet, sweet John
I wonder what entails your dream?
I wish i could peep a slight...

But these eyes of mine could only view
is a charming endeared you,
my ever delicate significant other
with a golden circle 'round your ring finger...

I inspect my ring in addition to
and it didn't look golden at all
For momentarily little by little
it exhibits smaller essential photos

Pictures of how two hearts were bind
within the heat of love's pyre,
under the rocking waters' desire
and the erratic wings of wild blue yonder...

Sketches like we pledge our love on winter's noon
Then spring passed by so soon
You took my hand and we danced across
the soft, green grass of June...

Like of nights where you never missed
to kiss my hair in the autumn's breeze
or warmth my soul with the gifts of your
I love you love and i love you more

A year of wondrous picture to fonder
in our anniversary gifts caped with wonders
Oh my darling delight whom with joy i picked,
these love-filled images beacon me to frolic.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


there in the shadow of the moon
our souls meet
Not undeniably sweet
ample to retort a blatant "What?"
with a smile
to beguile
the doom

You took my oath
and carved them
in your dreams;
where silvery thoughts
fly like butterflies
like that of a paradise
we both longed...

There beneath the shadow
we decided to view
the bliss we never knew
nor we had ever seen
in the epoch of our reality.

Awaiting thy words,
I felt the world
trembled neath my feet.

I looked into your eyes
a pair of dry ice
suddenly met my hopeful breath,
but it only last for a bit.

I felt the cork-like,sweet
camouflage to my well-being
lifted the gimlet from my heart
commanding, beckoning
the darkness within me
to flee...

Immersed on the shadow
you hold my hand
and the wind started to dance
and create waves

"It's not bad to dream
a still tarn beneath the heaven",
you whispered with a grin...

and from then on
our ascending journey began...