Friday, November 26, 2010

Sweet Destiny

I watch you sleep so still
And slowly my heart fills
My marrow with the scent of your love
A very special gift from above
I am swimming in the sweetness of your smile
My thoughts wandering on the golden aisle
Seeking beauty of endless bliss
As fresh as the rejuvenating daisies
Twenty,forty...years and more
A sweet incense euphoria none will ignore
While the world is yawning under the pale moonbeams
Here i am watching all my nirvanic dreams
Turn into reality as i touch your face
Here in our world where no devil races
Only angels singing ethereal symphony
And a love formed in purity...our sweet destiny.

My Mom

Everyone feels such emptiness:the void
dimmed the sky and confused the earth.

No one was spared from the hell on earth.

Emptiness speaks,
harshly to me,
a bitter kiss,
a pale star
where moments
cold blood rushing,
deadening time table
and dummied fears.

None have witnessed
until my irregular
inhaling and exhaling
of the polluted
were leading me to ruin
with cyclones of emotions
suffocating me in the library
of woes and blues;
books veiled
by the void.

Until my mom was there
the sun set
beyond its limit
and filled the void.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Young Victims of Sex Trade

While the world is busy
Rotating madly on its axis
They were stacked in a half-dozen high,
Concrete cages,

Waiting for their turn
To be exploited,

Innocent girls as young as five
Trapped on the blockade of no-more dreams
Where their blood-curdling screams
Were persecuted inside them
Of being heard...

Behind those walls are painful cries
Pleas (for education),
Fears (for self worth),
Traumas (for AIDS...for Alienation)
Have you seen/heard/felt them?

They were there...
God knows what they feel...

The trembling of their knees
The first time the lining of their dreams
Were sliced evilly...

The nipples of their hopes
Brutally clawed by the beast
Of different races
In less than ten hours

They were there...
Penning their blues in the wind
The words behind their silent weeping
In every excruciating night

Nights and days of drowning
In the language of the sex trade
And not a ghost of a chance
The eons of light invade
Their infant lamenting souls

God knows what they feel
They were there...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dear Rain


Her miniscule of hope
by the  angry sea of lawlessness.

Her rights of existence
no matter what she did
to fight.

She came with pure intentions
to work in a foreign land
no agendas of hostility...
essence rationalized..

but then...

take the cloth of her penitence
smell the sweat and tears mixed,
inhale its scent into the best part of you

and feel...
the chain of aches
attached to it.

Be the burning witness,
be her voice when she wants to fret
while handwashing the blood stain
stick to her employer's undies

Be the voice when she hold back her tongue
to speak out her heart
everytime they scold her,
abuse her..tear her apart...

free of restraint,
free to be free,
carry the pearls from her eyes
to the sea...

To the sea where she bank many of the black pearls
produced by her weary eyes
Most of them were breed
by her cold-hearted employers;
the equity stealers.

Sense her Rain
and note her fears as she walk,
she feebly walk
on the labyrinth
of daily, deadly nightmares.

Cleanse her inner sense
wash away other's brash pretence
that cost their souls a cent,
cleanse it away...away from her...

As you keep pouring,Rain
please whisper to her..

Never surrender,
Don't quit,
Don't fall,
Don't fall...

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Bloody Diwali(Festival of light)

Deepavali (also spelled Divali in few countries) or Diwali, popularly known as the festival of lights, is an important five-day festival in Hinduism, Jainism Sikhism, and occurring between mid-October and mid-November. For Hindus, Diwali is the most important festival of the year and is celebrated in families by performing traditional activities together in their homes. Deepavali is an official holiday in IndiaNepalSri LankaMyanmarMauritius,Guyana,Trinidad & Tobago,MalaysiaSingapore,and Fiji.

Diwali is a festival Of Light.Of Good over Evil.Of Widom.Of Consciousness.Of Enlightenment.Of Truth.Of Spiritual Victory.Of Revolution.

Now that Diwali is being celebrated,people cant help remembering the two teenage girls who were victims of brutal gang attack by villagers for the reason that they werent escorted when they visited the homes of some boys, to share sweets and light crackers.They were stoned, and hacked with machetes and axes. As they lay unconscious and bleeding, they were doused with gasoline and burnt alive. The entire community then participated in a conspiracy of silence to hide their crime.

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THE BLOODY DIWALI (festival of lights)

By the road near their hauses
they were dragged by their peers,
their own blood,their co-villagers
that laugh off their painful tears.

The sky was dark and the sun was gone
but all could be get wind of and see
none had heared their scream and shout
except the one winged-bee.

If only dreaming of Avalon
or the virgin spring of Eden
can ease their tears,their pains,their fears
but hell controls their fading brain.

Five,six,ten who knows
how many stones hammered their knees,
how many wounds from axes and machetes
who knows how dreadful they can be.

At their last cry of discomfort
their final gasp of mortal air
their poor swollen bodies doused with gasoline,
were burnt alive...seeking justice,somewhere.

Somewhere where flowers freely bloom
where no cries of injustice upsets the day
where they could break the bars of gloom
and say: "I am free,I am free!".