Friday, June 3, 2011

my midday meal reminder

Thirty past three,
tea time,

there were only number's and letters
reflected from my eyes
and suddenly
tons of tiredness slides down my eyebrows
until nothing I could see
but total darkness

I looked at the untouched mug of coffee
sitting on top of my table,
I was sure it was cold as ice...

My bones started to crackle
and my stomach begun to grumble,

I've missed lunch...

When I was about to take a step
and travel the ethereal splendor
of moments I've spent with my love,

the refined sound stopped my thoughts
from stringing our sugar-coated memories...

I heard his angelic voice
and my day turned to
honeyed bliss;
the reigning day of all my days,
like what he always did

So I took my keys,
got up and left.. 

my dearest husband, 
never failed to check 
if I had my lunch.