Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Secrets of My Heart (The pains of an orphaned child)

Even though

my yearning hands
were under someone’s aegis,
i can still sense

The cold steel bars
that block the window
were warmed by my palms
every time I stay there for hours
thinking of myself and my Mom,
my Dad and I

a tragedy separates us
for time indefinite

When I am alone
I sense their presence
like diluted tendrils
meddling my doleful heart.

I often close my eyes
and listen to my cry
that thread upon
the labyrinth road
from where I stand
towards heaven.

I miss something;
a parents’ love, touches, hugs
that I only experience in dreams

Sometimes my desire is so great
that wanes the distance
between my reality and my reverie

and when I open my eyes
emptiness hits me…
My daily nightmare…

The secrets of my heart
I hide from the world
except from the cold steel bars
of this orphanage window
beneath the concealing
aged mango tree;
the witness of my adversity.

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