Friday, August 27, 2010


In every angles and curves

of the silent mountains

rest many tales

waiting to be told

And in its every shade

lies the shadows,

the stories of people

yet to unfold

Mine is one among the many

an ordinary biography,unnoticed

Oftentimes i caught myself

writing a journal of scathing emptiness,

drudging myself in my emmolient cave.

Each rocks and curves

were made up of prison cells with nippy windows

Like all mortals,i've been there

I've seen the birth of flowers in the morning

and witnessed the falling of its petals

in the drunkenness of the night

Midnights were the reasons for my untimely death

The shadows turned black and became one with the darkness

I can hear my sighs inside me

My heavy footsteps on the whim

Mine is a world of penance,sacrifice and work...

and wrods are my companion,

the glow in the dark to my bleary heart

to survive the...

yet another tormented nights full of cries.

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