Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gone to the Abyss

Of this world's stage in which we stay
The dakness is pleading to grow
Leading me to the dark invading sea
No more courage left to show.

I've scream my pleas million times
And more than i could remember
To the deaf ears of happiness
Yet the more i try,heartache rear.

How virtue stand still in me
Is something so hard to maintain
Dysphoria reduced to dust my bravery
Where a little smile is tough to gain.

A canvas at the sullied horizon
Mountains meet the unilluminated sky
It coincided with my heavy emotion
I envisioned,i'll untimely die.

I'm now blinded to the beauty of existence
A lifeless individual among ruin and ash
Alchemized by the pull of extreme penitence
Gone to the abyss in a lightning's flash.

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