Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Betrayal

No matter how I battled this feeling
Every minute still is a torture.

My tale was nothing
but full of false;
A flowing river of faults.

Sometimes i pause and ponder
What is wrong with me?

I sought for happiness
and it was my graveyard

that i've found.

I fell upon the torny web
of betrayal and lies.

I wanted to scream
but the pain is too much
until I detached myself
to the world I once called paradise.

What else was left on this pen of mine
When all the words already melted
inside me..

He killed me...
He killed every flame of desire in my heart
and all the courage to bring out my best.

The ache locked me in a limbo where
I cant hear a word
Or a song that will remind me of
A world full of Judas.

What error have I done?
Why all the fragrance of summer
were consumed by the heat of deceit?

He lied,
He betrayed me...

All I want is a love that flows like a waterfall
And everytime I see a couple
I break down and cry...

He made me believed in a false love...
He lied,
He betrayed me...

He killed me.

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