Thursday, August 5, 2010

THE FORTUNELESS ONE (Experience of the underprivileged-the beggarly way of giving birth)

Fortuneless ,less fortunate,beggarly weak!
where will you pick the stick of hope
under this godforsaken clouds of life?
How could you survive its briery slope?

I wonder...

As your mind wonder to yonder
Have you raciocinate the way
to pay your hospital bills?

Don't cry luckless one
when you think of your bridegroom

The cow!
Where is he now?
Drunk as a skunk
in the dry field of empty stars...
Gone with the unseen figures
when Judas spilled the sawdust
one boozy night.

Look at your son by your side
Does he give you fear?
Or the idea of having him
stirs your brain...

Your poor verdant son
wrap in his Dad's old shirt
Not a plain white cloth was prepared
to welcome him in this world
Pretty pitiful,isnt it?

Regrets,fears,pains ran reeling wild...
long painful hours twist your mind
to a scenery only psychos can define...

Riverberation of hallow promises
gulping,roaring in your ears.

Politicians,NGO's psalming their plans
but help a little and mostly do none
of their promises until it will be forgotten
and leave you rotten
in the hospital for months.

Lie down next to your son,ill-fated one
Rest your wailing soul,
open your eyes and look around

the beds...there are dozen of beds
with weeping women like you,
the underprivileged...
See!?...You are not alone.

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