Friday, August 6, 2010

A Little Less of Us that You Should Know ( from the heart of a Domestic Helper)

This is a little less of Us
That you should/need to know
When unlawfulness surpass
Our insignificancy grow.

Praise the constructor of the bridge
Where we could temporily place
Flattened boxes by its edge
And rest our worn-down face.

Will your thoughts dawdle
On the threads  of hotness
Lacing the afternoon fable
"Us and the cause,effect of prejudice"?

Look at us right here
Isn't this a valid evidence?
No descent place to stay that's fair
Despite this country's opulence.

We,Filipinos,Sri Lankans
Indonesians and Nepalese
As equinox draws close-at-hand
We sore nigh the changing trees.

These and countless more
Stuff that you should know
Mr. Harbinger of summer!
I uttered it at last,whew!

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