Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Hong Thai Bus Hostage Siege Tragic Ending

Oftentimes i write biting cuts,
Wounds without any trace of blood
Hidden in the shadows of emptiness
Underneath the skyline of scolding sky.

But as the air tightens on this 23rd of August
I know it''ll be different

In our little flat which we called home
Antipathy bubbles in the air
Our tired eyes from sailing all day
Never blink for a moment
Stewed to the scene played on the TV's screen.

The people from the land that adopted me
Were chained to the mournful hymns of the night;
Gunfires from M16 riffle burn the small palings of hope
Left on the edge of their doom.

Oh people whom I've come to love
I can hear your heartwrenching wails
I can feel the trembling of your nerves
Across the miles,through sharp winds.

Oh people of my beloved home,
Greetings to the one who shares the cup of agony with me,
I am here alone,loved and accepted by the blood
The common blood of the ones murdered by the man,
The son of the motherland which nurtured me.

Are you feeling the shame too
On how the uniformed men acting dross for hours?
Have you suddenly felt the changing of colors
From vibrant to gray to black?

Perhaps you would...
We would...
The whole world would...
As we watch how the victim;
The poor soul collapses on the left front door
How the bullet unlock the handcuff
That chained him there...

Should we sigh,moan or lament
To the bloody end of the hostage siege?

Oh tragedy,you are like rocks that cruelly rebuff
The aeonian flow of life's waves

Such sufferance slip into coma
Any heart i bet would agree
When you saw the immeasurable pain
On the tip of her lips
In every movement of her eyelids,
A woman,widowed
A mother now daughterless
A light of the hause,without a son to light up with
Because he is in the ICU,battling for life and death.

In a blink of an eye,Nine lives lost
Eagles soar high to wipe the copper cheeks of heaven
But its deep scar constantly drips the vital fluid
Bare to the eyes of the intrusive world

The root of contrtemps remains unknown
Had perished with the ghost of the captor

And the mystery of the tragedy
Awefully remains wodunit
Leaving a fatal wound to the most.

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