Friday, June 11, 2010

A Daughter Still

After decades,when all rains fall
That heavy storms reigning days is past
My caring fingers seek yours
And gently touch them at last!
Not very often the Maya comes
to build its nest on wild grass
Flooded by rain,burned by summer
But you,my Dad,I love you now.

Though there are moles spotted your soul
And plenty of scars on your face,
in reality,the spots where clock
hands' merciless hit has tainted
the bloom of your days.
Though melted is every goodness in
 your nerves that might win your chlidren's love,
Despite your miserable and dying face,
And a lion heart,Dad i love you now!

I think no more my wasted nights
They left no sound of my tears
I'm sad no more of my wasted flights
And the incomplete days of my empty years
I hold no anger for time or fate that might keep my heart from drawing
Though you've forsaken and left us father
Im your daughter still,Dad and i love you now.

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