Monday, June 28, 2010

A Love Letter to Stewart 38

A gentle stare cast upon me,
smiling pair of ocean blue,
exceptional,equisite and nobility,
majestic,grandeur and resplendence,
all words became weak,
to paint my ever loving Stewart.

A night be full of stars,
once he starts to speak,
soft,gentle,with keeness abound,
has a honey-sweet,lullaby sound,
where Sinatra pales,
all Romeo fails,
to allure my heart like my Stewart.

I would stand not still
just to behold him there
but start to sketch our midnight tale,
caress his heart with my lush flowing hair,
to burn,to reflect in his eyes
such great desire of my slender figure.

He makes me breathe like brand new,
to took my strength from my imperfections.

He makes me a woman of my best,
to wish for my better fruition,

where no tides nor time can pounded on me,
only a scintillating diamonds to be seen above
the breathtaking sizzle of my enthralling world.

All wistful smile pales,
to constantly entrance me like my Stewart.

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