Thursday, June 10, 2010

~O' Winter Fairy of the Wicked~

Where were you hiding lately?
For Cow Shit's sake,come back to me!
I am so damn helpless tonight.
The twisted candle you had given me
Lead me to the torrent valley
Where bitter souls blanket its surface.
The black moon leap without a face;
 Odour of death became my guide
And a sweat of hurtfulness.
Don't make me like a straw before a blow
 Come back to me and take your price:
A hot slap to your very face!
And i'll shout it again to the wind
"Fairy,where the hell are you?!
You have cut my days in two.
Why the world is in revolt against me?
I am like a wasted union of egg and sperm cells,
O' Winter fairy of the wicked,tell me!

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