Wednesday, June 9, 2010

~O' Winter Fairy of Shadow~

And the eyes of the shadow;
I would choose to like.

For the light refuse to take judgement of me;
'though i shout for fairness,

For loneliness keeps lying on my entranceway;
'though I vomitted it hundred times,

For my heart has been enticed towards misery;
'though i've chosen to refrain it from beating,

For the tail of the storm dissolved me with a crash;
'though I strived to be strong,

For the Sun instensely hating me;
'though i've been waiting for it to come,

For no earthling man wept when i decayed;
'though i've wept their cries,

For nobody saw the blood in me;
'though it was boiling inside,

For the fruitage of sorrow i've eaten;
'though im dead inside for it,

And for i visioned the Night as comforter,
For i was an alien to Day.

Yes! i took rufuge on your comfort,
O' Winter Fairy of Shadow.

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