Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Love Letter to John 30 (poem)

I live for you
and you alone
posses my heart.

A love divine,
still in our care.

No jealous sky
nor earthly wrath
can move this rock.

Better is a wrinkled face
for me to kiss
where there is happiness
and contentment in my soul...

A lover borne
to comfort me
when distress shows.

Your stream of care
leaves me powerless,
a servant to your orders. ..

although your soul is on fire
keep living and praising me,
adoring my every essence.

Haven't you know
the peaks of mountains
I have touched
belongs to you?

Yes!I offer it all to you.
In the inmost depths of the earth
and over the dry land,
I'll declare among nations
Your incomparible love;

Brings out my beauty and my strength
that lies in their sanctuary;
The very heaven in your eyes.

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