Friday, June 11, 2010

A Child Bride's Tale

Only a stationary pain resides in her heart,
Like a tainted lake it never flows;
And though her all was torn apart --
His badness grows.

She wept under the bosom of darkness,
Built strong fences around her fears;
Her burning insanity stirred her weakness --
To save his ears.

Her tiny mind screened in malnutrition,
As it considered to need less food than his;
Of what she prepared she took less--
The devil's bliss.

Because her youth fled that day,
at Noon he pulled down her pants and wandered;
She begged the breeze to hear her plea, but --
He raped her.

She was fifteen and had a wedding ring,
Locked and frozen without mirth;
An infinity symbol of child trafficking --
A hell on earth.

He had owned her for few rupees,
And sold her organs to brokers;
Who bought her from her family--
The exploiters.

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