Wednesday, June 9, 2010

~O' Winter Fairy of Loneliness~

So the night had passed
Hear the twittering of birds to one another;
'Who will move the stone that covers her tomb?'
Ah! The loneliness that eats her heart
Trembles and grips the nerves of all,
Even the tiny ones on top of the tree.
Fairy,spread your wings and fly
Direct your eyes with hope
In the way of the Holy One;
Her only hope and salvation
To roll the stone that covered her tomb
And again,be awakend by Love;
The one that pushed her on the darkness,
The one that crushed her spirit,
The one that drowned her into the deep waters
The one that dried her river that runs to his earth.
The Day came to pass,dear Fairy
The birds twitter to one another
 'Will he come back and love her at last?'
And the waterless sky starts to cry
For it knows He was clucth to the memories of his departed wife
And will never return to her again.

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