Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Love Letter to John 26

Precious Love

There's nowhere in these days
will I find someone like you.

Yours are the sweetest eyes
that opens my morning like rose buds,
ready to bloom only for you,
breathing new life,

heart sings but serenity's song.

Yours are the strongest of words
and best of actions,a bouquet of flowers
the cherry-colored days

where I step in

and forever will stay,
to serve you willingly.

when twilight comes
head to head and hands lock,
the orange sky glows
reflecting our heart's appetence.

Ours are hours to cherish
midnights were tongue-tied
when your eyes meet mine.

Yours are the softest lips
when you kiss the bouncy air,  
on you'rebended knees and say:

"You are more than I deserve, with all my heart,I love you".

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