Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Love Letter to John 31

What can i say when.....

The man I love most turns his attention upon me?


Like the night he hold me tight

Hong Kong has gone singing

and its polluted air fades away.....

Satanic canvass of humankind's deeds
had became dejected to the world

the moment he passionately kissed me.....

I was trapped to the music played
that connects his heart to mine;

The magic of love.....

Time had became still
when he gave me his surprise:

A necklace.....

I felt I've danced with the breeze,
soared to heaven and touched God's face

It wasn't just because of that thing.....

But the thought that it was his mother's
gave me so much joy.

Isn't it so romantic?.....

Well,what can i say
as he turned his atttention upon me?

I am loved!

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