Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Love Letter to John 22 (poem)

JOHN STEWART SLOAN (A name that I'll eternally speak)

Is there any lovelier sound
than the sound of the laughters
of a maiden's in love?

Tell me naked moon

So i can stand on the hill
and cackle my delicious laugh,

with a soft euphoric touch
 of my priceless love for John

Dear naked moon on fire,
Unmasked the sleeping earth tonight,
show them the fragrant flowers,
that bloom best upon hearing the sweet utterances
of my heart for him;
a-good-for-the-heart melody
that even the serene evening wonder in trance

Dont dare try to disect my heart naked moon
nor peep behind the palate of my mind;
for there lies a name that makes me laugh deliciously on the hill

A laugh thats fair to peel your mask
to come with gentle,mezmerizing smile
Everytime you hear that name in between my laughs

a name that grows sweeter with a touch of time,
a name that lays down serenity within my eyes:


 a name that i'll eternally speak

with love,

with care,

with delight,

with respect.

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