Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Love Letter to John 2 (poem)

The Love of My Life The long day of waiting had come to end. Behold the moment he's at my range of sight,moving. My king... My wonderful dream. I look at him with all my love As he gently open his lips and begin to smile. What a perfect view! His eyes, his nose, his handsome face, And those hot and sexy grins oh how lucky i am to be loved. Hours would be less for us to step back to earth-Reality, the time we taste the gift night. I can see him and he can see me, As we fly an inch and half to the sky. He's the defininition of my essence as a woman. So,what else this poor slave would ask after all the sleepless nights and killing days, struggling against the pressures of the wind's current? I say to you, NOTHING. For I have found the love of my life My strength and My everything.

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