Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Love Letter to John 34

The night before I meet you I was lost,

empty and scared of what lies beyond.....

the air that I breathe was so thin

Far distant was the vastness of the ocean

yet I could barely smell
the dead fishes it contained,

unforgiving high,razore-tipped waves.....

I can still recall the chill.....

no singing mermaids to hear.

I was drowning when.....

you came and hold me,

took me out from the waters,

from the hands of the demons
that lurk on the ocean floors.

The night after I meet you
I was renewed,

hopeful and content
of what the following days hold.....

Brave enough to face the drunken shadows upon the tides -
collided waves that formed monstrous ,unimaginable heights.

I would gladly battle.....

tamed the hungry sharks if needed;

to explore the sea with you,
with fascination.....

as we continue our voyage......

as One.

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