Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a love note for Stewart 2

The birds freely fly
Doing some tricks and stunts
On the swaying leaves
Leveled to the rooftop
Of the archaic building
Here in the Chinese University

And slowly
In a single sigh
Of sadness
That the Mother Earth releases,
My heart pounds faster

I blink and suddenly
My world is covered with blankets
Thick rolling blankets of molten rocks
Thousands  of degrees of chaos
Woven from the mouth of his Highness

Crystal tears rolling down
Tracing my fiery cheeks
The clashing of two elements
On my angry face
Creates steam of deep thoughts

And I dial my sweetheart's number
Gently I inhale serenity within
My love,In the total darkness where
My eyes are of little use
He is the light that guides me through..

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