Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wavelenght Of Love

Walking in the same wavelength with you,
An eye-catching everlasting love evolve,
Emerging from the dashing,dazzling dimples,
Of powerful,prow pull-heart play
I quail at the thought of distraught
But your dulcet words leaves me mute,
Flying fortuitously,filling our fluoridate world
We explore,singing,soaring to the sangfroid clouds
Indulging the mirthfulness of munificent moon
Loving the life-loyalties look in our laughs,
So powerful that paints picturesque pikake
Our unity unfolds the untold origin of undying,
Magical,marvelous mainstream feelings of men
Perpetuating proxies of pretentious prawns
Their slander slacken to slumber.
The perfect friction I've made that day
Was in best angle,rejection and motion
The intersection,interjection was intelligently interlock
Me and You became one in heart and soul,
Yes,You and me perfectly bind,flowing,burning in perfect angle..
In the wavelength of love.

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