Sunday, May 16, 2010

Only When I See You Smile

Sitting beside the window
I watch you in a distance
Earthing your heartwrings
On the sparkling white sands
A lustrous sadness and tiredness
Lours on dais of toffe-nosed courage
The jocular zephyr whisper to my ears
A natty,palsy-walsy idea
My feet lead me nearshore
To burn the black palisade,
The cocoon of darkness,
An excellent comouflage that wraps you
With my satiny skin
As i touch your face and wipe your tears
I saw the breathtaking line in it
A vanilla day turns into magical
I can smell the sweet scent of hyacinth
Im stepping on rose petals
Im dancing with butterflies
I can hear waves mirthfull laughter,
I can see rainbow winking at me,
I am sorrounded with flowers,
U put me in paradise..
Only when I see you smile.

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