Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Innermost Feeling

as i close my eyes i see the world
sorrounded by smoke and its so cold
tears are falling down my eyes
people are dying and help they cried.

i see the trees falling one by one
i see the animals nowhere to run
i see the mountains covered with ash
people are suffocated by deadly gas.

what happened to the world i used to lived
happiness and love people used to give
tears can't stop falling from my eyes
seeing the world that used to be paradise.

hopeless,down on my kness i cried
feeling of sadness and hopelessness collide
badly,my heart is broken in two
my God,ashamed to look at you.

to save us you gave your own son
Jesus suffers for the sake of men
but people just forget it somehow
because of power they're fighting now.

evil things make people fight
money and power are all in their sight
selfishness and geediness eats their heart
that's where killings and hunger starts.

is there anyone your going to sen?
in the future to save us from sin?
will paradise ever exist again?
and love dominates in every men?

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