Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Love For You

If the love is pure

wish there'll be no end

The sweetness that it brings

an incomparable joy

If fate will never forget

to put an end

to our happiness

i'll walk the path to forever

in love with you.

Even in the pricky path

i'll dare to walk

If it's the only way

to get to you

Nomatter how many times

you keep hurting me

I wont dare

to turn away

I would sing a song

many times as I could

until that song

will be yours too

If it takes many seas to swim

To feel your fingertips

caressing my face,

I will gladly do

And not only my life

or my love that i'll give

to prove my sincerity.

More and beyond that

my love,I can offer you

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