Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Sunrise

A gentle wind caress my face
Which awakens my senses
As i open my eyes,he's there
Standing in front of me
Only then i've noticed
How perfect he is
In a thunderbolt
A homogenisation of sweet music
Filled the air
Plucking my heart strings
Which lifts me up
To the azure sky
The he come closer
Lovingly strokes my hair
With whole-souled
He leads me to the sea
And in there
As we stand on the white sands
With waves as the witness
And a verdant forest
He hold my hand
His eyes starts to sing
While whispering..
His heart's plightings
Then he pulled me close
And wrap me in his arms
As we both watch the runrise
Fires of love are burning in our eyes.

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