Sunday, May 16, 2010

Buckle Up!

The anonymity of the indigents

Ulcerate the sleepy periphery

Of my cold vision

Cracking my porous brain

Malicious actions impregnate the air

Demolished here and there

Of all the top issues to face

You gave more importance to the lowest

To push them down deeper

While you sit on your throne,higher


While this indigenous are starving,

Straying to a hazy future

Nothing but cold life in store

They fled from the forest

Where their heart and soul rest

Because you owned it

For the sake of..PROFIT!

Now where's your top project,rehousing?

So much of dullard actions


Can't you see?

We're not moving!

Too far from improving

Perhaps we're not soaring

The truth!

We're sinking!

Buckle up!

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