Sunday, May 16, 2010


in the stillness of the night, she's aching
in the silence of her heart she's bleeding
she reach for blanket and lie down her sorrow
what can ease a mother's agony, I don’t know?
it’s past forty of twelve in the morning
sleepiness don't visit her for she's gripping
in her mind is nothing but Joanna's picture
standing in front of her, begging to be cured.
suddenly tears run through her face
take Joanna's picture and give a kiss oh Joanna,
her Joanna what can she do ?
she's damned useless, far away from you.
as she closes her eyes she remembers
the sweet memories of December
where Joanna used to be so happy
full of dreams, of hope and energy.
she opens and closes her eyes again
and painfully savours the pain
tears flooding from her eyes
pillow is the witness where she lies.
what can she do to ease her pain?
how would she know what's her feeling
deep inside of her is a prayer
in silence for Joanna she offers.
she hugs the pillow tightly even more
somehow to ease the heart that sore
tomorrow is another test for her
another chemotherapy of her daughter

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