Friday, May 21, 2010


When your evening falls,
turning round the praises
to vile words and hates.
And the quite moon
leads your sleepless thoughts,
wandering to the mute sky;
Close your tired eyes
and hear the soothing sound
of your heart's strings,
as my love pluck them tenderly.
Feel the gentle touch
of the warm air
that carries my kisses,
my sweet embraces
and blazing words:
my undying love for you.
I speak not bout "oneness"
or the usual "entertwined".
"Security" is what we found
amidst the spectrum of lies.
Assurance stood hard by,
For an instant,You and I
and our love like no other
creates some "aha!" moments
at times when our world freezes
our feelings ignite like stars,
melting each burdens to end
each nights with "I Love You"

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