Sunday, May 16, 2010


Sweet memories linger on my mind
As i sit beside the window
All i could think is you
The way you said i love you
Your care,your laughters and tears
I can still hear loud and clear
The beauty of the park where i used to go
And talk for hours on the phone with you
Are still fresh in my mind
Tears falling from my eyes
Faster than the heavy rain outside
Everybeat ,every pump of my heart
Is killing me deep within
I open the window so i can breathe the air
While closing my eyes i whisper your name
Breathing your sweet voice that causes more pain
Why am i so sad?
Could it be this game?
Or am i just a fool to believe in this dream?
Could it be?..
As i search for an aswer
I sigh and ask the crying heaven
Please tell me why..

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