Sunday, May 16, 2010

A World Of You And Me

Under the hot eye of heaven
Your name slides in the silent wind
My aw-shucks heart stops beating
Upon gazing it as it meets mine
My mind left its dwelling place
As you tenderly hold my hand
Together we soar to heaven
And lie on a bed of daffodil sky
Next to my satiny skin
Your hard arms hold me tight
Until its morning i dream away my life
We explore the bauty only known to us
Every tilt of your head
The scent of your breath
The chime of your voice
That keeps playing your love for me
As we discover the wonderland of love
The mountain touch the face of the sky
The moonbeams kiss the sea
River flows with eagerness to the ocean
We set the earth on fire
When our heated bodies become one
Me only designed for your arms and you for me
There can be no other love
Forevermore we'll stay in love this way
And i know we can have it for eternity
A world of endless love of you and me.

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