Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Heart And I

walking this forest i sigh
tired we are,my heart and i
hearing voices all around
we sat hopelessly on the ground.

run out of breath,people lie
in front of us,my heart and i
blood of anger and hate rising
justice for love ones,their pleading.

right next to us,a little boy cry
hunger of love,my heart and i
speechless,he took and breath the rugby
a cure from the pain of reality.

we raise our head up in the sky
curious we are,my heart and i
rain pours down from angels eyes
beauty of earth,their mum's deprived.

ahead of us the ground where lies
our hero who died,my heart and i
same sentence was carved in each stone
"i shed my blood but was forgotten".

freedom from this forest now they try
to stole from us,my heart and i
ambitious rugs are all fighting
everyone is aiming to be a king.

injured they are and others die
yet!who complains,my heart and i?
swallow their pried for rugs they spy
my heart and i,so tired!so tired!.

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