Friday, May 21, 2010

To Him Whom I Love

words aint enough to paint
the twinge we had lately;
the hours we cried on the line
exchanging "whys" and "wishes",
our longings that no one could understand
except us and the love we have.
tonight,I'm reminiscing our moments;
how we battled the storms,
overcome hardships for our hearts,
our laughters that fills our world,
in between our "I Love You's"
and sweet and steamy kisses.
holding this heart that beats for you
I can hear your voice now,
it was like when you're talking to me,
the day you start to travel,
alone and away from home.
can you recall my worries and fears?
with eyes half closed,
in an eight degress winter night,
i think of you before me..
before i'll realize I need to write..
or to study and get some sleep,
before I realize...i'm thinking of you again.
tonight and the coming nights,
the atmosphere may change,
the stressful pressures may increase,
i may have lesser time to sleep
but expect my love,each beat of my heart
speaks the wonders of love - YOU.

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