Friday, May 21, 2010

My Home

I owned an attractive home
Constructed from a perfect blue print
But was damaged
By emotional experimenting
As i choose to walk through
My rocky roads of..
Accepting and receiving love,
Expelling the unhandled pain,
Identifying love and discomfort..
Solid foundations of myself..
I failed..

Kicked my heart out To the dark forest
Where my principles towards sufferings
Fight with my rules of conduct
Thoughts,feelings and memories
Arises my emotional pain
While the present gives me strenght..
Emotional and spiritual ripening
Are paralyzed by fears and pride
Trap me to a hole of..
Diffused sense of identity..
Until i saw the light..
That guides me to the road..
A detour to love..
Enlightens my mind,heart and soul
To love myself more..
That my home will be firmly build..
By me..with constant practice
Afterall..i am the steward..
Responsible to protect and beautify..
My home

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