Sunday, May 16, 2010


This heart of mine verdant no more
Of world's beauty nor how to sore
Wretched by time and hissed of fate
Freezing and burning in the sea of hate.
I entered the world of unclubble
Care no one else except my all
Until one day you enter that door
With valiant looks that blow one's cool.
At that moment i know for sure
You're the only one i'm looking for
To offer my love and my loyalty
To stare with respect all night and day.
I understand my love why you turn around
You've been hurt so bad by that painful sound
Old hits of pain keeps playing in your heart
I can hear it so well though im not so smart.
Believe it or not my love is true
Take it or leave it someday ill find you
To paint a smile into your handsome face
My one and only love,that's a promise.

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