Sunday, May 16, 2010


i opened the door early in the morning
cold wind greats me with a singing
i look back inside, they're still sleeping
i take a step outside and start walking.
every step i take recalls me
of the memories i've been through recently
its more than three months now that i set free
the burden that i carry inside of me.
i lock myself inside the room for six months
no one to talk to and nothing to be done
except watching Korean movies alone
i cry i cry and cry 'til my tears run dry.

i blame and hate everyone i saw
smiling is a no-no to me you know
how can you smile when i’m sick
you're so heartless, stupid crazy freak.
didn’t allow me for long to suffer
that's in my life buhay ka enters
changes happen in me one by one
'til i noticed my fears and anger were gone.
now, im here in the road walking
to sacred heart cannossian i’m heading
excitedly, i cross Caine road
with rice at my right hand for food.
i remember the time i’m so week
i can’t stand alone on my own feet
but now, funny i realize i’m alone
walking, with a joyful heart and a mission.

now in front of me is a group of people
facing bread, doughnuts, pizzas and apple
these are happy and great persons i adore
my inspiration, my strength, my co-survivors.

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