Sunday, May 16, 2010

To My Parents

I will love you with all my heart
Greater than life,more than words
My soul sings your goodness
Your wisdom runs through my veins
If time will come that you cant walk
I will be by your side as your guide
The way you guided me when i start walking.
If time will come that you cant speak
I will do my best to understand you
The way you understand me when i start to speak.
If time will come that you cant see
I will be your light to lead your way
The way you lead me till i stand on my own feet.
You may look so simple in every way
But you two wrap me with love and understanding
Behind that simplicity is a fountain of great words
That molded me to a better person that i am today
I am so honoured,so proud,so bless
To have you and call you
My parents.

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