Sunday, May 16, 2010

Untitled 2

Holding my pocket-sized magnetic chessboard
I comfortably sit beside my window
Enjoying the felicitous rain drops
I close my eyes and think of you

Then I smile...

When I open my eyes its night time
Scintillating laughters of the waves hypnotize me
As the wind ride on it towards the seashore
That turns the sands faces into shocking pink.

Then I smile...

I wonder what a rill will feel
When it flows downhill and joins another rill
And how many cubic meters of water jumps in joy as it touches the lips of the ocean.
Then I smile...

And think..
Will You and Me fell the same way?
Will our faces turns into shocking pink,
And our hearts will jump in joy,
For the first time that your lips touches mine?

Then I smile..

And i begin to wonder..

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