Sunday, May 16, 2010


Struggling to pass through
The thick people, on the subway
Sweat running on my neck,
Breathing the heavy air
Choking the dust of pain
That aches every step i take,
Knees wanted to give up
Willpower kicked by strong emotions
That will burst any minute
A million tears, locked inside of me
Refuse to show just remain in there,
Now wants to flood on my face.
Every tick of the clock counts
I’m bound to swallow the sadness
Thinking of my family and their security
I continue the journey
Neglecting the ugly face of life
Blowing the fire in my heart
Freezing the rights and wrongs
With head up I take a step forward
Following the footprints of the sun
In silence, my mind screams
Until it is numb, blind..
Unfamiliar of pleasures and pains
I am now the living machine.

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