Sunday, May 16, 2010

Baby's Breath

My relationship with nature,
Fellow human being,and
My inner self
Bogged down
swallowed by
A mammoth malevolent eyes
Of lickerish sadness
Dreams lie by in an open air
Extrose to the nimbostratus clouds
Waiting to be awashed,somewhere
As the loneliness squeezed together
Strikes like hurricane
It falls down to the glacier
That burst quicker
Than the Quaraya in Greenland
Was coated with sand
Now frozen in a cocoon of ice
Leaving cold tears in my eyes
Then you came in surprise
With burning love
You lift me up
In a white fluffy cotton
Above the sky of
Peace and serenity
Suddenly im happy
And learn to value me
In a twist of fate
My rebirth..
I am inhaling..
The baby's breath.

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