Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Night

Across the deepest sea,
on this starry night,
you are there.
Thinking of me,
with hopeful heart and misty eyes.

Behind the highest mountains,
on this peaceful night,
you whisper my name.
Asking the wind,
with pleading eyes,
to send your love to me.

In line with the quiet homes,
on this wishful night,
you close your eyes.
Commanding the darkness,
to send me to your consciousness.

Ninety degrees from loneliness,
on this warm night,
you shout my name.
Begging the tears in your eyes,
to let you kiss me once.

Below the sparkling heaven,
on this restless night,
i am here alone.
Wishing the moon will take me away,
where you forever hold me in your arms.

Tonight,on this dreamy night,
I wanted to be kissed by you
my love,even for once.

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