Thursday, February 3, 2011

Something Serpentine

I glanced for the last time
at the ancient chinese pagoda;
the witness of all the laughters and tears
of my neighbors;
my fellow domestic workers,
and I felt that something serpentine...

A few footsteps on the right
parked the Mitsubishi;
my employer's car that I cleaned for three years...

Everything about it
was familiar
except that my stare was unusual...
and there came the vision of something serpentine...

then I pushed myself back home
I opened the gate with keys
I had used for three years

for the last time
I made my steps on the stairs
going to the first floor
and i stopped in front of the door

in an instant
that something serpentine
carried the three years of memories
I've spent on that place

and slowly (I know it's silly)...
tears started to form in my eyes

it took me a mountain of strength
to finally open the door
and there stood Sir
preparing to go to work

Yin and Ma'am were there as well
I wonder
if they were feeling that something serpentine
that kept on troubling me

I went to my room
with my empty backpack and luggage

each dress was hard to fold...
weighed heavy to put inside my suitcase

at past 4pm
when I had packed all my things
it was time to say  goodbye

I took my phone and dialed John
told him I was done packing
when I turned to Ma'am and handed over the phone
she talked to him ...

and said,"Take care of my girl"...
it crushed my heart..

when all the things had been said
Yin and Ma'am led me to the door
I gave my thanks and my final hug
with my luggage ready on the floor
full of unforgettable memories

as I made my way down the alley
I turned around
and what was used to be 
my house for three years
could no longer be seen 
by my clouded eyes

I made my last walk...
to another chapter of my life...
as a wife...

i gave my last look at the whole village
as I was moving away...
and I felt that something serpentine...

I whisper...


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