Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Love Note to Stewart 8

Bubbles floating 
surrounding my glowing face
I am swimming to the love 
you have given me
everywhere I see

The walls that surround me
are now falling down
failing to block
and drown
the happiness
brought by the sweetness
of your smile...

I woke up
and saw
the morning dews
contently placed on the leaves
of our blooming flowers,
I saw the reflection of you.

The light that peeps through the windows
reminds me of you,
of how you light my world...
my views...

The cats..(I know you're smiling now)
where or how 
they make me so happy
it is because of you...

Intimately,We are one
You are the one I want
and I am the one you need
Together,in silence,we speak
the language of love...

I believe We travelled far
and have reached the peak 
of tranquillity...

Baby,you guided me to a flight
where I forget the logic of space and time
where we fervently perched
on the clouds above the earth,
knowing...feeling...being ourselves.

No matter how far I'll travel today
what I am and what I'll be
my every single heartbeat
replaced by the other
throbs only You...
You as my home.

You see baby,
You are mine
and I am yours....

We are Fate.

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