Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Antigenic Drift (FLU 1)

Head aching in alarming pain 
the torment consumes my eyes 
with run down heart
I complain...

How two weeks had passed 
your attendance, stealing and assuming 
chills successively burn my skin 
as each bit of your raging temperature races 
from my hurting head to quavering toes 
to mate my body aches...with watery eyes.

Ignoring your presence
the work is engaging and potent 
with wee changed of weather 
I complain...

How hours had passed 
your company, unwanted but condoned 
yet these mixture of your appalling indicia 
transmitted natural heat to a devastating degree 
formulating fatigue, lacking caution 
slimy liquid flows from the nose...antigenic drift.

Struggling to keep my cool,
the phantom sifting through bounds 
with respiration rough and roasting 
I complain...

How you easily passed immigration 
your donation, tax free and unauthorized 
shedding virus,raiding living cells 
terrorizing my reluctant pockets
with infection augmenting in noxious greed 
its wicked technique...invoked ordeals.

Glooming in ghastly threat,
the torment consumed my eyes 
with crestfallen heart 
I complain...

again and again..

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