Saturday, December 21, 2013

Breakdown on the Sofa Bed (FLU 2)

Seems this dark cloud never fades
no more smiles on this winter night
I chill to the coldness of this room
as my body temperature raises higher and higher

If it's okay, i'll say i'm okay
but even a little whisper.... aches
my throat complains of the pain it bears

I light the candle and the scent of orange and apple fills the air
and I light the lemon grass and Japanese cypress incense too
hoping them healing aroma could ease the restlessness inside me

I then submerge in the waves of my favorite songs on iTunes
for hours, i dream as coldness steals my soul

I woke up
to blackness

hands shaking
i again light the candles and incense
my favorite  candles and incense
then played my choice of music

while Bruno Mars' "It will Rain"  raises the emotion of these four walls
it reminds me of work, Sarah....when Lady and I sing this song together...

I miss work and the ladies...

the cold waters that leak from my burning eyes
the bear witness of how much i hate this


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