Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Banquet III

After the sweet farewells we left
the darling-filled banquet hall
my Sweetheart tenderly guides me
as we walk slowly out of the entrance door.

The spots of bliss have all but remained
and I can feel them glowing,
radiating withing my heart

then my love suddenly turn around
and give me a kiss
I suddenly felt my golden aura swirl
and cast myself something
endless,simple to nudge me
I am not the only one

turning the fairy-tale
into reality.

My sweetheart's sweet tongue
paint celestial portraits of me
like that of a charming poet
expressing sweet words to his reverie.

Every inch of my nerves sends
tides of beatitude that caved in
underneath my very core.

Midnight come to pass
On our way home
I melt on his arms
and I waken the wonderful memories of the banquet
in my mind
with eyes close
while listening to the sound of his heartbeat.

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